5 Techniques To Encourage Kids To Eat More Vegetables

2017.12.04 23

When children can eat food, you need them to have complete nutrition.  However, most children will reject to eat vegetables. The problem may result in children not getting enough nutrients which really essential to the body. You have to practice them to eat vegetables when they’re young. So, HappyMom.Life has some techniques to encourage them to eat vegetables. We guarantee that the children will totally love it for sure. Let’s see what they’re!

Colorful Vegetables

If the children see some vegetables in the dish, they will skip the meal immediately although you try so hard to cook food for them. However, mom should add something interesting like various vegetables in different color to let them feel happy while they're eating.

Vegetables With Sweet Taste

A bitter taste will make the children unhappy and definitely spit out. Therefore, you have to choose vegetables that are sweet to cook like pumpkin, corn, peanut, carrots, peas, morning glory leaves, cauliflower, cauliflower Zucchini. You can cook as mixed vegetables soup or juices to encourage children to be familiar with vegetables more.

Put Some Vegetables In Their Favorite Dish

When you know what their favorite menu is, you can add some vegetables by spinning or grinding, so they are able to eat vegetables at the same time. They will not feel unhappy to be under control my mom.

Creative Dishes

If you add creativity on the dish like decorating the food in various shapes to be cute, animal, or cartoon characters, we certainly believe that the children will be so happy to have a meal and enjoy eating vegetables more.


Be A Role model

Actually, if you want your children love to eat vegetables, make sure you eat them as an example. There should be a menu of vegetables on the table at every meal or let the children cook the menu that have vegetables as an ingredient. It helps them get used to vegetables more.


To encourage children to love eating vegetables must start when they’re young although they don’t like. We believe that the techniques we recommend will help you cope with when the children refuse to eat vegetables.

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