10 Benefits Of 'Dot To Dot' Drawing Books On Children

2017.12.13 25

Although, there are many technology devices to enhance your baby's development but books are still important especially supplementary skilled books. They’re useful for children in several ways. Let’s see what the benefits are!

Develops Small Muscles

It will develop small muscles for children. If the children are trained well, they’re going to have a better physical and emotional development as well.

Technique: The children should practice on drawing that fit with their age. (Most manufacturers will specify the appropriate ages on the cover of the drawing books)


Movement Relationship Between Hands And Eyes

Children should improve their hands-to-eye coordination. It will help them pick up objects firmly such as a pencil holder, toothbrush or other things in their daily life. Coloring is a great way to practice this skill.

Technique: The parents shouldn’t rush the children even if they’re not completely independent yet.




Drawing dot to dot makes them know about the shape of each object which is another great learning. The children will learn about the shape of each object while they’re drawing dot to dot.  It’s another good learning practice that improves their language skills.

Technique: Parents should talk about the artwork that they’re drawing and teach them English words at the same time.

Coloring & Creativity Practice

Besides drawing dot to dot, there’re many books that let the children color the pictures creatively. It’s not only for free time, but it also supports their creativity.

Technique: Coloring may not be based on reality. Parents should provide opportunities for children to choose the colors freely and focus on their happiness, joy and creativity, rather than truthfulness.


Planning & Ordering

The children will practice their planning skill when they’re drawing or painting picture like which color should be suitable for this and etc.

Technique: Parents should let the children think by using fingers to drag down before coloring.



Relaxes & Reduces Stress

Children sometimes get stressed. Drawing or painting is another interesting activity that relieves anxiety.

Technique: Parents should not force them to practice too much, but enjoy the activity as it’s one of the toys.

Counting Numbers & Ordering Alphabets

For those children who are old enough to practice numbers or order alphabets, coloring books are other good options that help improve their skill. The children will practice to draw lines according to numbers or letters.

Technique: If children are not familiar with memorizing, you can and should guide them sometimes.

Practice Meditation

The children must use meditation to focus on while painting and have to concentrate on patience and try to stay. Some of them are quite impatient. However, if they are encouraged to do, they will be proud of themselves.

Technique: Parents may give them compliments when they do exercises successfully.



Observation & Comparison Practice

When the children try to paint the pictures, they will practice observation and comparison skills.

Technique: Parents should ask some simple questions so the children must observe things to get the answer for you.


Responsibilities Practice

After drawing or coloring, the parents should teach them know how to keep and take care of their stationery.

Technique: For small children, the parents sometimes have to help them keep their stuffs.

Coloring books are sold at bookstores which are not expensive. It is a great gift for children because there’re a lot of benefits to improve children development.

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