What To Expect During Your Eight Month Of Pregnancy

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During the 8th month of pregnancy, the baby develops a lot and gets ready to see the world. However, there’s one month to be well-prepared before the big coming out. The size of your stomach is going to be bigger according to baby’s development. So, HappyMom.Life would like to look over what are those changes happening to you during your almost last month of pregnancy in Thailand.

Symptoms & Changes


If the baby moves its head in the appropriate position around the pelvic area, you will feel better when breathing. If the baby does not turn its head or move down, It makes you feel difficult to breath. That’s because the uterus is large. It will overlap the area within the abdomen, diaphragm and lung.

Feeling Pain Around The Pelvis

You may have pelvic pain when walking because the joints of the pelvis will drop. It sometimes causes pain in the abdomen.

Gain More Weight

You may gain more weight about 2-3 kilograms. The baby weighs approximately 3-4 kg but all the rest is the weight of the placenta, breast enlargement, uterine and the amount of blood and water in the body. Moreover, you also have a little fat inside as well.

Stomach Contractions

Some of you have stomach contractions. It happens when the uterus is contracted and disappears. This symptom will not often hurt you that much like true labor pain. However, if you feel contracted, aches and pains more and more, you should go to see the doctor. It might be the sign of true labor pain.

High Level of Hormones

The placenta is a kind of system that helps enhance baby and produces several hormones in high level. It will stimulate the baby’s development to support uterine expansion and prepare for delivery very soon.

Navel is Clearer

You will obviously see the black lines in the middle of the belly because the stomach has been enlarged.  If you feel that the skin is dry and itchy sometimes, you need to apply lotion to moisturize and prevent further wrinkles. If you find any symptoms occurring, you should consult the doctor immediately because it’s time to take special care of your baby


How To Take Care Of Yourself 

Be Careful About Any Accidents

It is nearly time to give birth plus the size of the baby is growing. Your movements will be more difficult and accidents can more easily occur. So just be careful at all times.

Eat Food That Is Easily Digested

During the 8th month, the baby gains weight rapidly. You should eat the right amount of food. But eating may cause you to breathe with difficulty. That’s because the metabolism of a pregnant mom is reduced. You should not drink milk more than necessary. Just only 1-2 glasses a day is enough.

Diseases or Complications That You Need To Be Careful With


Did you know that 8-month pregnant women are at risk for Toxoplasmosis complications? It’s caused from eating raw food. This kind of food is prohibited for mom because you have low immune system.

Toxoplasmosis is from raw food. Some of you like to eat Japanese food. You might think that it is not dangerous, but actually there’re bacteria sometimes. It may affect to baby abnormalities both of brain and body.

The disease is like a simple fever but the symptoms will start appearing after you get infected in about 3 weeks. If some of you have these symptoms, please go to see the doctor immediately.

Moreover, you should eat healthy cooked food to prevent complications and bacteria that might occur. 8 months pregnant moms are at risk of getting various infections easily. So, you should take care of yourself to prevent diseases caused from eating raw food.

Recommendations & Precautions

Pregnancy Test

During this time, the doctor will make appointments to have medical checkups every 1-2 weeks to monitor the baby’s growth, complications, blood pressure and etc. 

Furthermore, you may have ultrasound and electrocardiogram checkup to see how the baby is growing. So, you should cooperate with the doctor for delivery preparation.

Don’t Work Too Hard & Carry Heavy Things

They might cause to premature birth because the uterus is squeezed too much. If you’re in this period of time, it’s better to have a sick leave and take some rest if you can of course.


We recommend you to eat more fruits, vegetables and other food with high fiber for a good excretion. One more important thing is to drink plenty of water. Some of you think the more you drink, the more you go to the rest room. However, you should drink water; at least 8-10 glasses per day to get rid of the wastes in the body.



You should start exercising to give birth easily like walk slowly to enhance blood circulation.

During this month, you should avoid traveling  long distance to prevent premature birth where you can find yourself in the position where you are unable to contact the doctor immediately. If it’s necessary, it’s better to consult him first.

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