Symptoms and Changes In The 5th Month Of Pregnancy

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In the 5th month of pregnancy, organs work well, the fetus develops rapidly and muscles get stronger. The baby movement will make your mom feel more energized. Moreover, there’re symptoms and changes happening in this month. Let’s have a look what they are!

Big Belly & Skin Change

People around you can acknowledge that you are pregnant because your belly gets bigger, waist obviously disappears. There are also wrinkles in the abdomen and the skin including face, arms, shoulders, showing more capillaries like a spider web. The distinctive capillaries will disappear after giving birth.


Moms often have constipation due to hormonal work that causes to digestive system. The stomach and intestines are squeezed from the expanded uterus. There’re many ways to prevent and relieve constipation for pregnant moms as these followings:

  • Drink some water more to help get rid of waste and increase water levels in your body.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day to get more fiber that could help excrete.
  • Eat brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Avoid spicy foods to relieve burning sensation.
  • Do not take laxative medicines, but drink prune juice with less sugar to enhance to excretory system.

Your Metabolism System Works Harder

Moms may feel hot and sweaty all the time because a metabolism system and the thyroid gland work harder during 5 months of pregnancy. However, if you feel hot you should sit in a cool place, open air conditioner, and shower to stay fresh.

How To Take Care Yourself    

In the fifth month of pregnancy, mommy’s belly is getting bigger that sometimes become a sleep problem. Happy Mom. Life recommends on-side position you to have a better sleep and prevent cramping as well.

Having a sleep is the best thing to do during pregnancy. Pregnant moms should sleep at least 8 hours a day, and take a nap during the day as well. Furthermore, sleeping position is important to the fetus because infants will get oxygen from their mom. If you have poor oxygen exchange, the fetus is risky for getting enough oxygen as well.

On side position is the best for the pregnant woman. You should have a pillow to support the neck, shoulders, stomach and legs, which left onside position, will make you more comfortable than the right side. That’s because the veins in the belly tilts to the right, but the left has better blood circulation. However, you should not stay on one side for a long time because it will cause back pain, body aches.

You should avoid the upright position because the uterus starts getting bigger. The veins in the middle of the body can cause swelling, edema, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Sometimes it may overflow until blood flow does not keep blood pressure down which might cause to dizziness.



Careful With Diseases or Complications 

Moms will be risky to have complications during pregnancy. If you don’t have any checkup, it may cause some bad symptoms. It is important to study and have a look for the complications of each gestational age and how to take care of your health.

Depression is one of complications that may occur during 5 months of pregnancy. Some of you may feel down, just want to be alone and don’t care to do any activities. If these symptoms occur for more than two weeks, they are the signs to remind you dealing with them seriously.

It is not good for mom and baby because the body will shed more chemicals and hormones that make blood vessels, uterus and placenta contract…... It reduces the amount of oxygen in the fetus then becomes abortion, premature, and baby development. Moreover, you will have higher risk of fetal infection, low birth weight and abnormal development in baby body.

Depression also affects to baby emotion development including less concentration and getting angry or stressed easily when comparing to baby who was born from happy mom. Therefore, mom should know how to relax or reduce sadness by these 4 easy ways.

  • Try to relax yourself – Talking to husband or close relatives to reduce stress and anxiety. However, people around should let you talk as much as possible. They have to listen what you’re talking about carefully.
  • Do your favorite hobbies or activities – Such as cloth cutting, painting artwork, reading books that could help you enjoy your free time more
  • Invite dad to travel or go out for vacation- Enjoying new atmospheres will relax and eliminate stress
  • Doing light exercise- Such as doing yoga to stimulate the endorphin to make you relaxed and ready for delivery.




5th month of pregnancy, mom should focus on the medical checkup to find the abnormalities that may occur in the fetus as these follows:

Allergy Risk Test - You should know that your baby is risky for allergies or not in order to protect kids from allergies. It might affect to baby development. Parents should start having protection the reduce risk that might be more dangerous. Parents have to pay attention and start protecting from today.

Urine tests – Sometimes, urine test may show you’re having high sugar which indicates diabetes during pregnancy. Don’t worry about that. The more you eat, the more metabolisms you have. The pancreas sometimes cannot produce enough insulin, and then sugar still remains and filters through the kidneys with urine. The doctor may have double check. If the second test result is normal, the body can adapt and produce enough insulin to make sure that GTT (Glucose tolerance test) is normal.

During the 5th month, you will totally feel about baby movement because the fetus starts having a nervous system. If you want to stimulate baby development, you may support by these tips as these follows:

1. Try to rub your stomach frequently and softly – To stimulate baby development that mom can completely feel baby is moving all the time. It represents that baby is healthy. However, if he has less movement or stop moving several times a day, you should go to consult the doctor. It might be a sign that baby is now suffering. Mom has to monitor your baby closely during this month.

2. Listen to music – The baby develops listening skill, such as mother's heartbeat and etc. You will see there’re a lot of pregnant woman listening to music. These baby lullabies play an important role in nervous system development.

No matter how the body changes, the tummy becomes uncomfortable, but you’re ready to endure for any changes because baby is the most important person you are waiting for.

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