Tips To Maintaining A Healthy Relationship Throughout The Pregnancy

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The changes in your body, the noticeable curves, a protruding belly, and raging hormones in the body have the scope to throw you off balance when it comes to nurturing the relationship with your partner. At one moment you may feel incredibly connected to your partner and in another moment, you can feel completely isolated and emotional. Also, if your husband is not meeting your expectations in support and sensitivity, it could be a reason of strife between you two, leading to arguments. Read on to know how you can avoid such unpleasant situations.

There are ways you can nurture your relationship even during pregnancy days when your body and mind are going through various changes. You two can put some efforts in keeping the romance and the spark alive and be there for each other. Some of the ideas from HappyMom.Life that can work to your advantage in such a situation are:

Modify Your Routines

Rather than being hell bent on what you used to do together and fighting because it is not the same anymore now, try to be flexible and modify routines to suit the needs. Instead of going out for activities such as golfing or any other sports activity, which you loved to do, but now find it difficult to enjoy, you can do things such as going for a spa session together and opt for a couple of massages that are relaxing and romantic at the same time. Choose activities or things that you two enjoy doing together and will keep you two connected.

Have Some Conversation Time

For any relationship to work perfectly, you need to communicate with your partner. During pregnancy, the concentration on aspects such as doctor’s appointment, food, supplements, care, and attention can leave you two with no time to sit and talk. Set aside some time for you two to share your thoughts, the happenings in your day, some light humor or anything that is of common interest to you both. It will have a positive effect on your relationship and help in individual growth too.

Be Focused On Your Partner

It often happens that the expecting mother ends up paying more attention to the baby growing inside than on her husband. Give time to your partner and honor the relationship that you share. In this way, he will not end up feeling insecure about his importance and also not assume that the baby will change your relationship with him.

 Keep The Intimacy Alive

Physical relation during pregnancy can be a tricky thing to figure out for most of the couples. In the first few months, you will be so concerned about morning sickness, exhaustion, and mood swings that sex will be the last thing on your mind. As the months advance and the bump shows prominently, finding the right positions to do it will make it hard for you two to carry out intercourse the way you did before. In such situations, you can talk it out with your partner on how things can work out the best for you both.

Tips On How Pregnancy Can Change The Relationship Dynamics

Pregnancy is not a one-day affair but a nine-month long commitment which will surely bring many changes in the relationship you share with your partner. Awareness of the possibilities of change will keep you prepared about how to tackle the change and work things out accordingly to keep the relationship going without any trouble in your haven. Some pointers that you can look for help are:

  • You will be more dependent on your partner for things which you could manage alone earlier. Situations such as doctor’s appointments, couple yoga sessions and counselling hours will make it necessary that you feel the need for your partner more during these few months. This might make you feel that your husband is not giving you your due.
  • He might feel left out and alone during these times as all your focus will be on the baby and its needs. The feelings of isolation, lack of intimacy and closeness are common complaints that the husbands make when you two are expecting a baby.
  • Lack of sex and intimacy can take a toll on husband and wife relationship during pregnancy. The infrequent sex sessions can leave a profound effect on the chemistry that you two share.

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