Morning Sickness Symptoms & How To Handle Them During Your Pregnancy In Thailand

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You may have questions about the morning sickness. Happy Mom.Life would like let you know all information about morning sickness. If you want to know, let’s have a look!

1. Nausea especially in the morning

2. Hearth burns

3. Chronic Cough

4. Strong smelling sensitivity

5. Weird food

6. Get exhausted easily

7. Moody

8. Not getting enough sleep

If you have symptoms like in the list above, they’re normal morning sickness. However, most of pregnant women get allergies from the first 4 weeks until the 16th week. If you still have hard morning sickness, we suggest you to see the doctor if there’s something wrong happening. When you know it's only the regular kind of morning sickness, let's see how to solve these annoying symptoms!

Job Vacancy (If possible)

Just imagine how sad you are to have vomit all night long. Actually, you will get more morning sickness in the 7-8th  week of your pregnancy. Happy Mom.Life suggests you to have holiday leave if you can. You may persuade your husband to go with you to as you may need some support. We guarantee that you’re going to feel better soon.

Smell Something Fresh

We recommended you to have lemon, orange or other fruit aroma to makes you feel better. Morning sickness often occurs when you are stimulated by smells. No matter what kind of smell you like such as perfume, favorite dishes or even your sweetheart's perfume, you need to place lemon slices in various points in the house to remove those smells.


Yes, we did say snack!  After waking up, you will have morning sickness because your stomach has nothing filling it all night long. However, we recommend you to have snack with you all the time such as salty cracker, original pretzel, ginger tea, or low fat yogurt. These 5 snacks will relieve any morning sickness symptoms especially in the morning. If you want to eat something, go and grab it but in small amount.

Drink More Water

Drinking 8 glasses of water in each day will balance fluids in your body. If you cannot eat food, water is the one that helps relieve the symptoms of having stomachache.

Don’t Stare At Screens Too Long

The lights from a computer screen, tablet, or mobile phone affects your nausea symptoms. However, we suggest you to set up the time in ever y 2 hours and then do other activities.

We hope that, all these advises will benefit you to help relieve morning sickness. If you have severe morning sickness, you should go to see the doctor as soon as possible.  That’s because prevention is better than cure.

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